According to 🤖 AI: “Jim Christian is a renowned author with a passion for making coding accessible to everyone. With a diverse range of books, including "How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying" and "How to Code in Minecraft," Jim has established himself as an expert in teaching coding concepts to beginners. Through his engaging writing style and practical examples, Jim empowers readers to develop a coder's mindset and apply their skills in various contexts. His dedication to creating a fun and approachable learning experience has made him a trusted resource in the coding community.

Well, I’ll take it.

I love technology and the web. By day I’m a digital consultant, writer, and creator of tech curriculum. I co-founded FireTech Australia (now StemSmart), a technology camp teaching kids how to make awesome things with technology and build 21st century skills.

This is what Jim kinda looks like.

This is what Jim kinda looks like.

I’ve spent most of my working life either working in technology and education, or privately consulting across as wide a business spectrum as I can experience. I am currently a digital nomad working in Europe.

I’m a Certified Ethical Hacker, a fully ordained Reverend of the Universal Life Church, a charter member of the British Computing Society, and a tenor in a local community choir.

I’ve written two books, the most recent of which was shortlisted (and subsequent runner-up) for an Educational Author’s Award.

🧪 Current projects and experiments

Informatic.AI - my technology consulting company

Professional Human - my Substack Newsletter

Today I Learned - an attempt to capture the un-capturable

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80HDoodles on Instagram / Self-hosted Mastodon / Public Mastodon / BlueSky / Threads / Medium / LinkedIn / X / Email / KitCo

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